Common Video Visit Error Messages

Here are some common error messages you may encounter when starting your video visit, as well as solutions to resolve these errors:

“Please allow your camera and microphone”

Go to the upper-right corner of your Chrome window, and press the camera icon. Ensure that it is set to “Always allow access of my camera and microphone.”

“Invalid email or password”

Please confirm your email address and password are the same as you have previously set up. If you have not previously set a password, check for your appointment email in your inbox and press “Confirm Details” to continue.

You can also press “Forgot Password” to recover your password, if you know your correct email address.

“We were unable to verify your information. Please review and submit again.”

Make sure your phone number and date of birth matches what your practitioner has on file for you.

“Credit Card number is invalid”

Confirm you have entered in your 16 digit credit card number with no spaces or dashes.

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