Why Didn't My Appointment Sync?

Appointments not syncing from your Integrated practice can be frustrating. Luckily, most sync issues are things that can be fixed within minutes, and sometimes seconds! Follow this quick guide to learn some of the common pitfalls when scheduling appointments from an Integrated practice.

Heads up: Appointment syncing is only available on the following platforms: Athenahealth, CareCloud, DrChrono, Greenway Health (Intergy & Prime Suite), and Kareo. If you'd like to see your EMR added to this list, let us know!

1. Make sure you're using an approved Telemedicine appointment type

Approved appointment types are known as a number of things, such as: reason codes, visit codes, location codes, etc. In most cases, the appointment type that you create must exactly match the setup instructions provided to you. Make sure your appointment type is spelled correctly!

Tip: If your practice is on Athena, you'll need to make sure that you have supplied us with the appointment type ID. You can find that information here. If you have recently added an appointment type ID or a department,  let us know.

2. Make sure the patient's record has a valid email address

When scheduling appointments, if the patient does not have a valid email address attached to their record the appointment won't sync. Email addresses are what your patients will use to log into their visit. So, it's an important requirement to have an email address for the patient. If your practice doesn't already collect email addresses, we recommend including it in your intake, check in/check out, or scheduling process. Please note this is a requirement, you can not schedule a patient without a unique and valid email address.

3. Make sure the patient's email address isn't in use at your practice already

Look closely: are you trying to schedule a test visit? If so, you need to ensure that the email address on the patient's profile is not already in use. You can find out by going to the Chiron Web app, logging in, and hovering over your name in the top right and selecting "Users". If the email address attached to the patient record is in use already for your practice staff, you'll need to replace the email address on the patient record and try your appointment again.

4. Make sure you allow enough time for the sync to run

Some Practice Management software regulate how often we can run scheduling syncs, so please use the table below for a quick reference to find your typical sync time:

Practice Management System  Average Sync Time* Abnormal Sync Time
Athenahealth 3-15 minutes > 30 minutes
CareCloud 3-15 minutes > 30 minutes
Drchrono 3-15 minutes > 30 minutes
Greenway Health Intergy 15-30 minutesᵗ > 60 minutes
Greenway Health Prime Suite 15-30 minutesᵗ > 60 minutes
Kareo 3-15 minutes > 30 minutes

* - Appointments scheduled outside of 3 months will not sync for all platforms until they fall under 3 months.
- Appointments scheduled outside of 7 business days may take at least 24 hours to sync.

Note: There are numerous factors that go into sync times. At a minimum, the table above assumes there are is low latency, no network outages, and that the appointment is set up properly.

5. Make sure the patient's demographics are complete

When you schedule an appointment from your system, the patient must have demographics. Some Practice Management software require the First Name, Last Name, DOB, Email, Address, and applicable Insurance information in order to send over the appointment information. Your patients will have a chance to confirm all of this information upon login to their account.

6. Make sure the appointment is not in the past

When scheduling appointments, it's a good rule of thumb to consult your average sync time in the table above. If the appointment is scheduled too close to the appointment start time, the sync can erroneously think the appointment was in the past and not process it correctly. When using the integration, it's smart to keep a buffer when scheduling... just in case!

7. Make sure you're using a valid provider

We require all providers registered for the telemedicine service to be listed in our database. If you schedule for a provider that's not enabled for telemedicine OR for a user that is not a provider (ex. if you're testing), you may experience delays. Appointments may still sync, but they will not link to the correct user and may not show up.

In conclusion...

There are numerous factors that go into your telemedicine success. Integrations are a quick, convenient way to seamlessly integrate telemedicine into your practice! If you've checked the list above and still need help, don't hesitate to contact us!

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