How do I add a user to my practice?

Looking to add a new user to your account? Whether it be a practitioner or office staff, we have you covered!    

Tip: Permissions to add users are limited to practitioners and practice managers

Adding a user to your practice can be done by logging in to Chiron Web and following the steps below:

1. Click on "Welcome", and from the drop-down list, select "Users" 

2. There are two sections to select from when setting up new users.  The practitioner section is for anyone needing to conduct telemedicine appointments.  Any newly added staff will reflect on your next monthly payment.  For your practice staff, there are no additional fees and you can add an unlimited amount of users.  

Select from the applicable list, and click the "+ Add" icon to get started  

3. Fill in the required information on the user profile page, then click "Create". The user will receive an account activation email followed by our training module

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