Merchant Account FAQ

The Merchant Account feature allows providers to collect payments through the telemedicine platform.  We've created this list of frequently asked question to help you better understand this feature:

Am I required to set up a merchant account?

The practice is not required to set up a merchant account, however, it is recommended.

Are there any fees associated with collecting payments?

Our payment processing partner, Braintree Payments, assesses a 2.9% +$.30 fee on every transaction processed through the Chiron Health application. See the Processing Fee Notice article for additional information.

Can I turn the Merchant Account off?

Yes, the merchant account feature is optional and can be turned on and off at your request.

Can I turn the Merchant Account off for certain patients or appointments? 

Unfortunately, the merchant account cannot be turned off for specific patients or appointments. 

What happens if a charge is declined?

Once a transaction fails, it is up to the practice to bill the patient externally. We recommend collecting payment through your practice management system (if the feature is available), over the phone, or by sending a statement in the mail.

Do patients get receipts of anything that I charge?

The practice will want to create and supply the patient with a detailed receipt that is usable for insurance reimbursement. 

How do I create a copay or charge post-appointment?

Unfortunately, payments cannot be created post-appointment. A payment amount can only be edited by a provider through the charge screen at the end of the appointment.

How do I reconcile payments?

Reconciling payments is simple. You can find the detailed payment information required to reconcile payments in the Billing details page. See the Payment Reconciliation Guide for step-by-step instructions.

What does “Resolve Later” mean?

The “resolve later” option allows the provider to skip the charge screen at the end of the appointment. Once the provider skips the charge screen, the billing department can go into the Billing Details page to enter the correct charge amount. Follow these steps to enter a charge amount post-appointment: Billing Queue

Do you automatically bill my claims for me?

The telemedicine platform collects payments and offers billing recommendations. Providers are required to bill for the telemedicine visits externally. 

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