Virtual Marketing Kit

Your Chiron Health subscription includes access to a number of helpful tools to help build-out patient awareness of your new telemedicine offerings as well as drive patient adoption. 

- Telemedicine Landing Page For Your Practice

Easily promote and educate patients about video visits and allow them to request a video visit online through your Custom Patient Web Page and Automated Email Notifications.

Example landing page:

Some highlights of this page include: 

  • the practice logo and matching custom color scheme 
  • a patient experience video that highlights the ease of use and general workflow
  • a handy link for an existing telemedicine patient to login to the Chiron Health platform
  • a patient appointment request form for the patients to request a visit from the practice

- Add Content To Other Areas Of Your Website & Social Media

We have a handy patient marketing guide with tips, tricks, and suggested verbiage to communicate your new telemedicine services to patients across different channels to really get the word out!

Patient Marketing Guide

- Print Quality 11 x 9 Poster

This high-quality 11 x 9 poster can be leveraged either digitally through your existing web presence or used in-office if printed from a local printing service or home printing setup. 

11x9 Poster

- Print Quality Trifold Brochure

This tri-fold brochure is designed specifically for print and can be used in-office or included in patient welcome packets to help drive interest and adoption of telemedicine. We recommend using a local printing service and glossy paper stock for this asset where possible.

Trifold Brochure

- Instructions For Your Patients

This simple and direct one-pager can be printed on regular paper stock from an office printer if needed, or shared digitally, and is a helpful overview for patients who might need simple instructions to access their video visits.  

Patient Instructions Sheet

- Patient Announcement Email Campaign (if EHR supported)

Included in your Chiron Health subscription is a complimentary patient awareness email campaign if your EHR supports our integration import process. 

With Chiron, an email campaign will be created to spread the word to patients that your practice now offers telemedicine. It will also allow patients to:

1. Learn more about video visits
2. See if their next appointment is applicable
3. Request to schedule an appointment

Ongoing email campaigns are a fantastic way to keep video visits top of mind for patients - increasing appointment volume (and revenue) for the practice.

Example Awareness Email

- Get Found On Google And Add Telemedicine To Your Search Profile

This article helps you set up or recover your Google My Business account and add a telemedicine link that takes patients searching for you online directly to you in the Medici app. Learn more here.

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